Hermes Chan

Hermes Chan

CEO & Co-Founder

Hermes Chan, our Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, leads our passionate and committed team in driving the strategic direction and growth of MedMira.

Hermes, who was named BioScience Innovator of the Year by The Economist in 2007, is the inventor of our patented rapid flow-through diagnostic technology platform.

Since the company’s inception in 1994 Hermes has held progressively senior management roles including Research Scientist, General Manager, Senior Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer.

Prior to creating MedMira, Hermes worked with another Canadian biotechnology company in the diagnostics research sector.

Markus Meile

Markus Meile

Chief Financial Officer

Markus joined MedMira in 2010, and moved into the role of Chief Financial Officer in 2014.

He previously served on the Company’s Board of Directors, as a member of the Audit Committee, and as the Senior Director of International Markets.

Prior to joining MedMira, Markus worked with a number of financial institutions in Switzerland, England, and Hong Kong. He holds a BSc from Royal Holloway University of London and has studied business management, strategic planning, investment and accounting at business school in Zurich. Previously, Markus worked in the medical device industry in Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

He will combine his financial expertise with his broad range of international business knowledge to build financial and corporate strategies supporting MedMira’s continuing growth and increasing shareholder value.

Robyn Cook

Robyn Cook

Chief Corporate Officer

Robyn was appointed Chief Corporate Officer in 2014 and also serves as MedMira’s Corporate Secretary.

Joining MedMira in 2000, Robyn has held a broad range of management and leadership roles within the Company, most recently Senior Director, Corporate Governance. Her experience and expertise spans a variety of corporate functions including corporate governance, compliance, operations, business process and policy development, and human resources. As MedMira’s Chief Corporate Officer, Robyn advances the organizational alignment and prioritization of corporate strategy, the implementation of industry best practices, and a focus on maximizing excellence across all of our business units.

Prior to joining MedMira, Robyn worked in the energy and education sectors. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University, where the focus of her studies were corporate governance best practices in public life sciences companies. Robyn also holds a Masters of Science, Nova Scotia Agricultural College and a Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie University.