Cuba Eradicates Mother to Child HIV Transmission

Jul 2 2015

by Dr. Kevin Jones, Senior Director, Global Sales & Marketing

This may not sound like much, but it is a victory that the World Health Organization (WHO) says "is one of the greatest public health achievements possible". The success of the Cuban program proves that with a combination of diagnostic testing and treatment, it is possible to control the transmission of viral diseases.

At MedMira, we have developed Multiplo TP/HIV for this exact application, testing women at the point-of-care when they become pregnant. The early testing allows the 1.4 million HIV positive pregnant women to be treated with antiretroviral drugs which reduce the risk of transmission of the HIV virus to the baby from around 45% to 1% during pregnancy, delivery, labor or breastfeeding.

The Multiplo TP/HIV test is based upon MedMira's patented RVF Technology platform, and will detect the presence of antibodies to syphilis and/or HIV from a single drop of blood in about two minutes. Multiplo TP/HIV has already been approved for use in several countries, and is being evaluated in many more, enabling rapid and cost effective point-of-care testing that can help with the goal of reducing mother to child transmission of HIV and syphilis. As countries strive to follow Cuba's example, MedMira's Multiplo test can help with the initial screening required to achieve that goal.

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