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Multiplexing Opening Many Doors – Some Traditional, Some Not

Mar 25 2015

Since the early stages of its development, MedMira has always believed that the ability to complete a multiplexed assay built on its patented Rapid Vertical Flow (RVF) Technology platform in just two minutes, was something extraordinary.  Something that would transform rapid testing.  Something that would enable rapid tests to give more information, in more application areas then was previously possible.  Now, the vision of Hermes Chan, founder and CEO of MedMira, is becoming a reality as more and more customers are finding out just how much this unique solution can positively impact their patients, programs, and just as importantly their bottom line. 

MedMira’s multiplexing product line is being utilized in traditional rapid testing markets such as hospitals and laboratories and public health screening programs.  More significantly however, these products have found a niche in some not so traditional ones like frontline military healthcare and screening for transfusion transmitted diseases, prenatal screening in mobile clinics in the jungles of Colombia, and now as a key tool in the screening of potential donors conducted by tissue banks. 

According to Donate Life America, more than one million tissue transplants are performed each year and the surgical need for tissue has been steadily rising.  Every day donated donor tissue is discarded after testing positive for hepatitis B, C and/or HIV in the lab.  To reduce the impact that can have on their tissue recovery resources, tissue banks like Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network are integrating MedMira multiplex rapid tests as part of their donor suitability assessment at the time of collection.  With the integration of rapid pre-screening tests in the field, Gift of Hope has decreased discard rates by approximately 5%. This represents a significant saving of time and costs for Gift of Hope, as well as protecting their supply chain and also their recovery technicians from potential exposure to infectious agents.

Tomorrow, Gregory Slawski and Dr. Carol Wasik from Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network will provide an update on their progress during the American Association of Tissue Banks’ webinar - Rapid Antibody Pre-screening for HIV, HCV and HBV Prior to Tissue Recovery.  Mr. Slawski and Dr. Wasik will discuss how their organization is using rapid tests in the field to reduce costs, improve the collection process, and promote higher levels of staff safety.  The webinar takes place Thursday, March 26, 2pm-3pm EST and you can join the webinar here.

So far, tissue banks have been an interesting and successful category for MedMira in the United States with its sales and distribution partner VWR International LLC, and the Company is looking to expand on this globally.  Tissue banking is just one segment of the biobanking market, which is predicted to grow to over USD$216 million by 2018 (Transparency Market Research).  MedMira and its unique Point-of-Use assay that tests for the three most common blood borne viruses, are positioned to access this exciting and swiftly moving market. Currently, the U.S. and Europe are the leading tissue bank markets in the world, however Asia Pacific is poised to become a high growth market for tissue donation as the healthcare systems evolve in this region.

MedMira multiplex tests offer tissue banks the opportunity to improve their bottom line with a high performance rapid test that is easily integrated in to existing collection processes to maximize procurement resources.  These tests simultaneously deliver results for HIV and hepatitis B and C on a single test cartridge.  They are built on MedMira’s Rapid Vertical Flow Technology which enables highly portable, multiplex testing solutions for field and laboratory use.  The tests use whole blood, serum or plasma, requires no refrigeration, and delivers multiple results in less than 3 minutes.

Tissue banking is just one area which MedMira is looking to move into with its RVF Technology platform.  New applications for rapid assays are being developed for quality control of vaccines or food products, as well as use in drug development.  Additionally, MedMira continues to expand its line of multiplexing rapid tests to include tropical diseases, such as dengue fever, as well as applications for routine monitoring of patients with chronic conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

With the speed and simplicity of RVF Technology, coupled with the compact and convenient Point-of-Use packaging, MedMira’s platform is continuing to open doors to new markets, and sometimes in testing settings that don’t even have doors.  It doesn’t matter if the tests are performed in jungles, aboard ships, or even in hospital labs – MedMira’s RVF tests are helping people know more, faster and more cost effectively, than even Hermes could have imagined when the RVF Technology platform came to life.