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Improving Lab Workflow and Readiness with RVF Rapid Tests

Jun 7 2016

Rapid tests are one way laboratories can become more efficient and ready to meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare environment. RVF rapid tests support key improvement strategies around workflow, resource management, the consolidation of testing services, and overall preparedness for crisis situations.

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Miriad - Results You Can Bank On

Apr 18 2016

We heard first hand feedback and experiences from customers using Miriad to add a new layer of information to the donor eligibility screening process and increase staff safety in the field

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Cuba Eradicates Mother to Child HIV Transmission

Jul 2 2015

This may not sound like much, but it is a victory that the World Health Organization (WHO) says "is one of the greatest public health achievements possible". The success of the Cuban program proves that with a combination of diagnostic testing and treatment, it is possible to control the transmission of viral diseases.

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MedMira Makes Advances On HIV Point-of-Care Testing Market in the U.S.

Apr 23 2015

Today, more than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV, but as many as 168,000 (or 14%) remain unaware of their infection. In the US there are 50,000 new HIV infections reported every year, in part due to those people who unintentionally spread the disease simply because they do not know they are HIV positive. Helping people know...® has always been the inspiration driving MedMira forward, as it continues to evolve its rapid testing technology and applications.

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Multiplexing Opening Many Doors – Some Traditional, Some Not

Mar 25 2015

Since the early stages of its development, MedMira has always believed that the ability to complete a multiplexed assay built on its patented Rapid Vertical Flow (RVF) Technology platform in just two minutes, was something extraordinary. Something that would transform rapid testing.

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Advances in Vertical Flow Leave Lateral Flow Behind

Aug 18 2014

MedMira’s Kevin Jones, Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing, gave a talk about Rapid Vertical Flow (RVF) Technology and its ability to yield faster, more accurate results during the 2014 American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo.

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MedMira Readies for AACC 2014 with Expanded Multiplo Product Line

Jul 23 2014

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1 million people acquire a sexually transmitted infection every day. Organizations including the WHO have called on countries to create screening programs to combat the spread of these infections in a convenient, cost efficient, and timely manner. Traditional testing methods involve individual tests for each virus with a turnaround time of several days up to a week, which increases the cost to labs and wastes precious time for patients. With MedMira’s multiplex capable Multiplo tests, healthcare professionals can instantly screen for multiple disease states in several combinations using a single cartridge.

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Message from the CEO

Feb 23 2014

Since MedMira was established in 1993, we have been dedicated to fulfilling our vision of transforming point-of-use testing by delivering the instant; reliable results healthcare providers need to make critical treatment decisions. I founded MedMira on this promise and for the last two decades, we have provided people all over the world with life-saving diagnostics that are helping people know.

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