Tissue and eye banks are reducing discards and improving safety with Miriad rapid tests


The Miriad triple product has helped our organization perform preliminary screening of HIV and hepatitis. We are using these results to make initial determination of eligibility for donation. It also has proven to be beneficial as a safety measure for our technicians.

Kristen McCoy

VP Innovations, Eversight Illinois


Tissue and eye banks are using Miriad as part of their initial donor screening, achieving a relative discard reduction of 40%.  With Miriad, tissue and eye banks add another layer of information to their procurement process and reduce:

  • Transportation, storage, and disposal costs lost on ineligible tissue
  • Risks to technicians working with sharps
  • Stress on donor families


Miriad rapid tests are available through VWR and Medline.  For more information please contact sales@medmira.com or 1-877-MED-MIRA.



Miriad HBc/HIV/HCV

POU+ Format
Cat. No. 815311006005
VWR 10789-423
Medline EDM311006005
Qty. Box: 25 tests
Package Insert

LAB+ Format
Cat. No. 815311005978
VWR 10847-590
Medline EDM311005978
Qty. Box: 50 tests
Package Insert



Miriad HCV/HIV

POU+ Format
Cat. No. 815311006012
VWR 75780-214
Medline EDM311006012
Qty. Box: 25 tests
Package Insert

LAB+ Format
Cat. No. 815311005954
VWR 75780-216
Medline EDM311005954
Qty. Box: 50 tests
Package Insert




POU+ Format
Cat. No. 815311006043
Medline EDM311006043
Qty. Box: 25 tests



Miriad TP/HIV

POU+ Format
Cat. No. 815311005992
Medline EDM311005992
Qty. Box: 25 tests
Package Insert


Test Controls

HBc/HIV/HCV Antibody Test Controls are available for use with Miriad rapid tests.
Cat. No. 815311006104
VWR 10769-911
Medline EDM311006104
Qty. Box: 1 negative control, 1 positive control

Miriad is for research use only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



Miriad tests use MedMira’s patented Rapid Vertical Flow Technology, allowing for the analysis of whole blood specimens in addition to serum and plasma.  Additionally, research demonstrates that MedMira’s rapid vertical testing closely matches the performance of much more complicated enzyme immunoassay tests. This technology has shown 98% concordance with more complex and traditional lab-based assays when testing research specimens in the laboratory.


Miriad Product Sheet

Miriad Infographic