RVF Toolkit

Designed with the researcher in mind, our Miriad product line opens up a world of possibility.  It significantly improves the development flow from research lab concept to commercial product using our patented Rapid Vertical Flow Technology platform.

Miriad RVF Toolkit facilitates the development and commercialization of rapid diagnostics.  Employing MedMira Rapid Vertical Flow Technology, the Toolkit contains components to create a rapid test.  The researcher need only provide the capture antigen of interest and the specimen containing the antibody. The Toolkit is an off-the-shelf set of components proven to work togetherenabling the researcher to focus on the development work instead of sourcing components.

Miriad RVF Toolkit Product User Guide

Miriad RVF Toolkit Product Sheet

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Rapid Vertical Flow Technology Fact Sheet

Rapid Vertical Flow Technology Overview

AACC 2014 Poster – A Rapid and Effective Tool for Monitoring Monoclonal Antibody Production

Components of the Toolkit: Test cartridges with immunoreactive membranes, MedMira Universal buffer, InstantGold caps that contain dried colorimetric detection reagent, and concentrated gold.

How it Works:

1) Spot your antigen

2) Let it dry

3) Run your test

Fully protected by patents encompassing the test system, components and procedure, MedMira and its licensees are free to develop, market, and sell the tests without infringing on alternative testing technology patents.  The Miriad RVF Toolkit provides researchers with clear development path to fully commercialize new rapid tests.

Ordering Information:
Cat. No. 815311005930
VWR 95062-807
Medline EDM311005930
Qty. 50 per box

For more information on Miriad RVF Toolkit, please contact MedMira’s Sales Team at sales@medmira.com or +1 877 MED MIRA