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We are committed to building strong relationships with our partners to foster new business opportunities and innovations. The MedMira Partner Network is a growing group of world class companies working with us to deliver new levels of affordable and efficient global healthcare through next-generation diagnostic technologies and rapid testing solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a MedMira partner, please contact us.

The MedMira Partner Network

Sales & Marketing Partners

We work with an expanding network of sales and distribution partners and agents across the world to deliver our rapid testing solutions to customers. Our partners and agents possess local market expertise, in-depth knowledge of diagnostics, and best of breed business practices. They are an essential part of our sales team and share our customer focus and partnership approach to doing business with healthcare providers, public health agencies, and non-government agencies.


We routinely collaborate with a broad spectrum of peers to advance our technology platform and rapid testing solutions.  These collaborations takes many forms, ranging from scientific endeavours, pilot project, in-country evaluations, funded product development and commercialization projects.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together for mutual success. The basis for many of our collaborations is our Miriad RVF Toolkit.  This product facilitates the development and commercialization of new rapid tests.  Learn more about Miriad.

Some MedMira's recent and ongoing collaborations include:

National Research Council of Canada

We are currently working with the National Research Council of Canada under a funding agreement for the development of a new rapid HIV test platform that will capture both antigens and antibodies and provide an earlier diagnosis for patients exposed to HIV.  Read News Release

Traumatic Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research Network (THOR)

THOR is a multidisplinary group of medical researchers and professionals with a common interest in improving outcomes and safety in both military and civilian patients with severe traumatic injury and life-threatening haemorrhage management. We initiated our work with members of THOR during their 2012 symposium in Norway.  The network includes members from the civilian research, clinical and industrial communities as well  military personnel from NATO countries, the Norwegian Navy Special Operations Commando and the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. Learn more about THOR.

Dr. Nitika Pai/McGill Researcher

Dr Pai is an expert on point-of-care (POC) diagnostics and their use. She is interested expanding the use of POC diagnostics in new settings and providing evidence on the benefits that use of the products can bring patients and healthcare systems. Our team has been working with Dr. Pai for several years, sharing best practices and trialing products in development.

Some of Dr. Pai’s publications include:

Point-of-Care Technologies and their Global Health Applications

Point of Care Testing for Infectious Diseases
Point of Care Diagnostics for HIV and Tuberculosis

Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Together with the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) researchers and our partner Advance Aid, we undertook a pilot study using Reveal HIV in Volunteer Testing and Counselling Centers throughout Kenya.  The purpose of the study was to introduce Reveal HIV at HIV testing service delivery points throughout Kenya to analyze the responses of both service providers and consumers and fully understand the efficiencies that can be achieved in using a 3 minute, high quality rapid test in this setting.  As per World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, prior to the launch of the pilot program, KAVI conducted a laboratory evaluation on Reveal HIV.

KAVI Report #1
KAVI Report #2

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Over the years, we have worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States in supporting their mandate and various programs focused on infectious diseases and public health.  We have supported this collaboration with the CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis by sharing our experiences and best practices with them and providing products for evaluations and pilot projects.  Learn more about the CDC.

Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Outsourced Manufacturers

We have partnered with Triplex International Bioscience Co., Ltd. of China to optimize our production capacity and increase efficiencies in our supply chain for the expanding China market.  Our outsourced manufacturing hub at Triplex primarily assembles and packages key components included in our rapid testing solutions. Learn more about Triplex.

We provide outsourced manufacturing partners with support in site selection, supplier sourcing, quality system set-up, establishment of proven processes, training, and technical support.  We are currently examining other regions where outsourced manufacturing hubs could be established to enhance local economic development opportunities and expand our global delivery network.

NGO Partners

Through various initiatives we are building affiliations and forging working relationships with international humanitarian and aid organizations focused on improving healthcare in developing regions of the world.  Working with these organizations provides us a direct link to the people and places where rapid diagnostics are most needed.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We have introduced our technology and testing solutions to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through our project with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and the Canadian HIV Technology Development (CHTD) Program, which aims to encourage and support the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of an HIV vaccine and other technologies related to the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of HIV. The program is part of the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI), a collaborative effort between the Government of Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For more information visit and

Nova Scotia Gambia Association

We work with the Nova Scotia Gambia Association providing rapid HIV tests to be used in various clinics and programs as part of the Association’s work in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.  Specifically, MedMira’s tests have been used in a pilot testing program with truck drivers in Sierra Leone.

Global Health and Aid Organizations

We are also approved suppliers to several United Nations agencies, the Pan American Health Organization, and the United States Agency for International Development.  Learn more here